pic OPPO Supplier Conference - SAA
The 2014 OPPO Electronics Supplier Conference was
held on
December 9. 2014, SAA received the Inspired-Motivated-Involved Award.
pic On May.19th morning, 2011, as free donate blood bus entering the factory of Shanghai
Amphenol Airwave Communication Electronics Co,. Ltd., a new upsurge of free donating blood
raising in the Shanghai Xin Zhuang Industry Park.
pic On February 28, 2007, a memorable ceremony is sucessfully hosted by Shanghai Amphenol
Airwave Communication Electronics Co., Ltd, to celebrate the grand opening of its new
facility. Leaders from local government authorities, group headquarter, as well as other
key industry players, are warmly welcomed to make their presence on the site and attend
event-related activities.
pic As one of the leading players of antenna products, Shanghai Amphenol Airwave was warmly
invited to attend the 1st Intí»l Mobile Festival Global Mobil purchase 3rd China Intí»l
Mobile Sci-Tech Exhibition Tour Shenzhen by the exhibition organizer during 13-14, June,
pic on December 14-17, 2006, SAA participated in 2006 Electronica Munich-the World Biggest
Trade Show.
pic 20-23 June 2006, Singapore CommunicAsia2006 ExpoúČ Shanghai Amphenol Airwave also
paticipated in it.
pic SAA participated in Convergence Show in Delhi, India from March 23-25th 2006
pic SAA attended Shanghai Mobile Phone Components Expo, which is held from January 1 -3, 2006.
pic In 2006, SAA built a new factory in XinZhuang Industry Park , Shanghai .
pic SAA becomes SAA Group in 2006 with operations and R&D in India , Taiwan , Korea , Europe,
USA and South East Asia .
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